Valet mixtape vol. 1

Valet mixtape vol. 1

5/8 : radio · Valet - 5/8 Radio #165



Valet mixtape vol. 1

In his spare time, our otherwise classicly inclined co-founder and creative director, Kirill Savateev, creates mixes of modernish music for occasional dj sets and obscure radio stations.

Although its modern aspect may preclude some of our more traditional readers bothering at all to try it, we would submit that the same unrelenting taste and sophistication that has us swaggering about the place in double-breasted suits and vintage neckwear informs this obscure little selection.

Pictured is the above-named Kirill being mobbed by fan, and looking sharp as ever.

Listen to the first of what will be many mixes at the link in our bio.

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