• Issue 2 out now


Issue 2 out now

A quarterly print publication focusing on long-form explorations of classic menswear and style. Valet harks back to a golden age of mens literature, when the reader was not told what to wear, but shown how to decide for himself.

Valet Issue 2 explores the themes of time, ageing, and even death.

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Editor’s letter

What our readers say:

‘The thing I respect about you is that you do things the treacherous way—refusing to purchase bogus followers to “prove” that you’re popular, and putting in the time to turn out quality content, while earning one devotee at a time.’

Sonya Glyn, The Parisian Gentleman

‘You guys truly show a passion and expertise regarding your topics and I really love the historical references. It’s as if Evelyn Waugh and Graham Greene were doing the writing.’

Patrick Durkin, USA

‘Thank you for Valet! It’s beautiful. The editor’s letter is perfection.’

Hannah Chamberlain, a.k.a. SpiritedLA

‘I was curious to read your publication, but now I am absolutely desperate to. I love this sort of detail.’

Chris Modoo, co-founder Kit Blake

‘We are reading this first issue of Valet now. The whole team is impressed by your work and that of your team!’

Husbands Paris

I heard a tapping and there, hovering in the air, was a black-coated figure with a stiff, white collar and top hat, rapping at the glass pane with his silver-headed cane. … Though a terrifying, floating figure of evil, I also guard a strange sort of satisfaction that I have actually seen Death himself, and that he was absolutely impeccably suited—dressed to die for.

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