How we work with brands


Our readers buy Valet for its premium quality. From its inspiring and beautifully wrought contents, to the very paper it is printed on, Valet is special. And our approach to brand collaboration is no different.

Collaborating with us is not a case of simply buying advertising space. We work with you to create a fully bespoke expression of your brand with excellent custom-designed visuals in line with our uncompromising values and standards.

In every issue of Valet, we work with a select numbers of brands whose values and mission align with ours. In almost 300 pages of original quality content, your brand does not represent one tiny advert in a sea of many, but a considered part of the whole experience.


There are two ways we collaborate with brands.

Exclusive brand feature

One issue, one brand feature. The exclusive feature article is not so much an advert as a discourse, meant to create a much deeper connection between the reader and your brand.

We work with you to produce a feature that gives the reader the impression that your brand is not here to sell him something, but give him something, in the form of exclusive information and insight into your brand's history, people, and expertise. We believe in the quality of the brands we work with, and in sharing with our readers the depth of knowledge acquired over decades of practised craft. This authentic connection is simply not achievable through a conventional advertising approach.

Brand partnership

We also offer more conventional partnership options in the form of one- and two-page spreads.

We work with you to design a beautiful, unique expression of your brand, focused on a specific product, story, or brand philosophy.

Unlike other magazines, however, we will not place yours alongside five other competitor brands. Your spread will be thoughtfully placed into the wider context of the magazine, ensuring a clear link between the surrounding content and your brand.

Benefits of partnership with Valet

  1. We stand out to readers in precisely the place where they think about what your brand has to offer, reaching for that large segment of the audience that doesn’t shop for fashion magazines at newsagents’ and supermarkets.
  2. Your brand appears in the context of a very limited number of complimentary brands, not competitors, focusing readers’ attention to your unique character.
  3. We deliver your brand and values straight to the audience you want to reach: men who want to invest in their attire and care about the details and refinement your brand embodies.
  4. We speak about both heritage and new brands in a timeless and younger way, attracting the most ambitious segments of your audience.
  5. We reinforce and strengthen your brand recognition by putting it in the perfect context: excellent and distinct design with a focus on quality, attention to detail, and refinement.


        Drop our editor-in-chief Luke an email here to discuss partnership opportunities.

        Brands we work with

        Abraham Moon
        Bernhard Roetzel (Der Feine Herr)
        Budd Shirtmakers
        Cad & The Dandy
        Crowley Vintage
        Decorum Singapore
        Elit Vodka
        Fears Bristol
        Gentlemen Baristas
        Gent’s Café
        Giulivia Heritage
        Holland & Sherry
        Hornets Kensington
        Hors Sujet
        Hoxton Hotel
        James Smith & Sons
        Kirby Allison
        La Bowtique
        La Marzocco
        La Marzocco Home
        Lawton Ltd.
        Matthew Gonzalez
        Maximilan Mogg
        New & Lingwood
        Penguin Books
        Salon Hartl
        Select Aperitivo
        Stephen Fry
        Uncommon Man
        Volkmar Arnulf
        Whitcomb & Shaftesbury